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By bringing unique services to our customers, we are able to differentiate ourselves from the competition. On this page, we'll list the additional services we offer.


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We try to make it as simple as possible for our clients to work with us. By developing a strong relationship with each customer, we hope that they will contact us for any needs that arise.


We Offer the following services:

* Sheet Metal Fabrication  
* Plastic Sheet Fabrication   * AWS Certified Welding   * PowderCoating   * Metal Finishing  * Refurbishment Services   * Design and Developement   * Assembly   * Warehousing and Logistical Support   * Custom Silkscreening   * Sand and Bead Blasting   * PowderPaint Removal (Chemical Dip Tank)   * Custom Packaging

If you need a service we can help you with please contact us.

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